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The Life−giving Life of Christian Community

by Blair Adams

The witness of our faith community is built upon the combined expression of the manifold and diverse strengths and giftings of each individual member. Our Center for Essential Education is unique in its goal of transmitting to others a vision for a cohesive, integrated way of life that aims toward bringing forth complete individuals and whole families within the context of a supportive and tangible community.

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What We Believe

A Synopsis of the Vision, Spiritual Roots and Cultural Position of Heritage Ministries

by Blair Adams


Our Christian fellowship first began pulling something together about "what we believe" in response to the request of a theology professor from the seminary of a local university. This professor brought out one of his graduate classes on a field trip and had specifically hoped we would share with his students our "vision and purpose," our "historical connections to the Anabaptist tradition" and "how we relate to those outside our immediate fellowship." In regard to the first area, our vision and purpose, it soon became apparent how humbling it could be to carefully consider such weighty matters and then, under the light of that reflection, to realize just how far short we have fallen in attaining our goals. Nonetheless, our great motive over the decades can perhaps be summarized as a desire to participate in the creation of what one man has called communities of "exemplary Christian existence."

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Together Dreams Come True

by Amanda Lancaster with Kate Lindsay

Together Dreams Come True is a simple, yet powerful portrayal of the community life that inspired the Homestead Craft Fair. Children and adults alike will enjoy this glimpse into the journey these people took from the urban center of Manhattan to a shared agrarian life where families and relationships could take root and grow.

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The path of the rightous is as the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. Prov. 4:18 NIV

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