Homesteading Crafts & Skills Workshops

Whether to acquire practical skills for everyday use, to learn the basics of a new handcraft or to take the first steps toward a vocational calling, our workshops and classes help others learn and enjoy dozens of homesteading crafts and skills.

In earlier generations of not so long ago, homestead crafts and skills were taught to children by their parents as part of daily rural living. Master craftsmen trained apprentices in their trade, cultivating fine workmanship in the process. The fruit of this knowledge would benefit the entire community by passing on skills indispensable to family homesteading and community living.

While these skills all but vanish amid today's urban lifestyles and mass industrial specialization, many of the tens of thousands who have visited our craft fairs, special events and craft shops, as well as our gift shop, have expressed real enthusiasm that the Center for Essential Education is preserving and reviving the crafts, practical skills and way of life that, in a simpler time, represented the foundation of our heritage and culture.

In our community at Brazos de Dios, our craftsmen and experienced farmers and gardeners share their working knowledge and abilities with those who want to learn craft and homesteading skills. These teachers offer classes and hands−on workshops in dozens of crafts and skills on a variety of levels.

School of Homesteading

The Center for Essential Education School of Homesteading offers a curriculum of gardening, crafts, homesteading and other agricultural self−sustaining skills. We offer these hands−on workshops seasonally in order that you can use your newly acquired skills to further develop your own family homestead.

  • Traditional Homestead Crafts
  • Agricultural and Homesteading Skills
  • Kitchen Skills
  • Fabric and Clothing

See www.HomesteadHeritage− for class details and schedules.

School of Woodworking

The Center for Essential Education School of Woodworking provides instruction year−round, for the beginner in addition to those wanting to develop advanced woodworking skills. These outstanding classes teach traditional hand woodworking skills as well as age old, time−tested methods of hand joinery.

  • Hand Tool Woodworking
  • Furniture Making
  • Furniture Restoration
  • Tool Making
  • Carpentry
  • Wood Turning

See www.HomesteadHeritage− for class details and schedules.

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