A Glimpse of Our Community

Over the last decade, well over a third of a million visitors have enjoyed a day on our farm. Individuals, families, senior groups, church groups, university classes, seminary classes, civic groups and school kids all enjoy touring our craft village, eating at our deli or coming to our annual Thanksgiving Fair. Yet many have asked what lies behind the public face of this unusual community at Brazos de Dios. This video gives a glimpse into not only the many varied activities that make up the life of our intentional Christian community, but also our goals and dreams—the vision that inspires our agrarian way of life.

Two Gospels

Historical and cultural context often proves essential to fully understanding concepts, even ones we might confront and use every day. Most every Christian believes he or she knows just what the "gospel" is, but this moving historical documentary, Two Gospels, will deepen, and even revolutionize, your understanding of this concept so central to Christianity. Viewing Two Gospels has been, for many, an unforgettable experience that has drawn them "through the veil" closer to the essential meaning of Christianity, moving them closer to the very Presence of God.

Homestead Craft & Children'sFair/20 Years

Crisp autumn air; the jingling of draft horse harnesses; the aroma of homemade tamales, hamburgers, pizza and gorditas; friends and neighbors visiting together; children dipping candles, eating kettlecorn, spinning wool, crafting wooden toy boats; the clanging on the blacksmith's anvil; barn raisings; grinding wheat at the gristmill; choirs and orchestras under the big tent—the annual Homestead Craft and Children's Fair is all this and so much more. Through this video, originally produced to help celebrate our twentieth annual Fair, the viewer will not only discover a little of the history behind the Fair but will also better understand the vision and purpose that has inspired this happy event, enjoyed each year by thousands of young and old alike.

Welcome to Brazos de Dios

Each spring our community at Brazos de Dios hosts thousands of public and private school children, offering many of them their first glimpse into an agrarian way of life. During their visit, we demonstrate craft skills such as weaving, woodworking, blacksmithing and pottery making. In addition, we show these school kids this seventeen-minute video of our everyday life as a community—harvesting tomatoes, picking sweet corn, digging up thousands of pounds of sweet potatoes, haying our fields and bringing in the sheaves of our fresh-cut wheat and oats. And, yes, the video also shows the fun we can have playing together as neighbors in close-knit community life. The video is narrated by a number of our community's young people, but judging by the reaction of teachers and parents who have viewed this video with the school children, it's a video for both young and old alike—Welcome to Brazos de Dios!

The path of the rightous is as the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. Prov. 4:18 NIV

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