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Southern Living, March 2000

The Hands of Heritage

They worship with work at Brazos de Dios, a religious farming community that lives the handcrafted life of long ago.
by Gary D. Ford, photos by Art Meripol

... Brazos de Dios is the living vessel of Homestead Heritage Ministries, the umbrella organization of a Christian farming community near Elm Mott, Texas, 85 miles south of Dallas. Here on 510 acres, 800 Anabaptist members nurture the land and are nurtured by it. They express their creativity through crafts and are learning the by−hand ways of Southerners long past.  Read the complete article.

Texas Highways, November 1996

Simple Gifts

by Lana Robinson

‘Tis a gift to be simple, ‘Tis a gift to be free,
Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be.
And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
‘Twill be in the valley of love and delight  

Poignant lines from this old Shaker hymn express the mood and philosophy of Brazos de Dios, a modest Central Texas farming community dedicated to the restoration and preservation of a tradition−laden family life and culture. Read the complete article.

video The Local Show — Video by KWBU, January 2006

Homestead Heritage

KWBU takes a trip to Homestead Heritage where living the simple life is an art. Many of the craftsmen and their families live on the 510−acre farm near Elm Mott.  View the video.

video Waco City Cable Channel — Video by City of Waco

Homestead Heritage: A Traditional Village

Waco City Cable Channel presents an overview of the traditional village and community at Homestead Heritage. View the video.

Christianity Today, February 2005

Where Community Is No Cliché

Forty−three families in rural Texas blend Pentecostal fervor and Anabaptist simplicity.
by Roger Olson, photos by Dan Bryant

Beginning on the mean streets of Manhattan and migrating to the serenity of the Texas prairie, 43 Christian families are living together in a bold experiment on a 500−acre farm north of Waco, Texas. Many Christians talk about overcoming American individualism through Christian living. But the residents of Homestead Heritage go beyond talk.   Read the complete article (subscription required).

New York Times, January 2007

American Journeys

by Finn−Olaf Jones

...For a more cheery view of a religious community, drive three miles north of Waco to the Homestead Craft Village, a nondenominational settlement founded in 1973 in New York. The group has about 1,000 members and emphasizes simple farm living and old−fashioned craftsmanship.  Read the complete article.

Comments from Visitors

"Beautiful place, beautiful people! We’ve had a wonderful visit and plan to return again." — J. N., Coos Bay, OR
"I loved it! What a wonderful way to share God’s love with others. Thanks for the tour!" — J. W., Cranston, RI
"Thank you for your example of Godly community living!" — R. & J. M., Terrell, TX
"Wonderful place, letting God’s light shine through. God bless." — R. B., Grand Junction, CO
"I enjoyed everything, the woodworking, quilts and pottery are exceptionally beautiful. Thank you for a lovely time." — P. S., Bremerton, CO
"Most attractive surroundings, beautiful craft work. Presence of God felt in this place. May God bless you and your work." — S. M., Edinburgh, Scotland
"Great food, great service, very friendly. What a wonderful way to live!!!" — G. & B. S., Andrews AFB, MD
"Your hearts and souls have gone into everything you touch – what a beautiful birthday present to be able to view these beautiful things!" — J. & M. C., Gundas, Ontario, Canada
"Great! We would all be better to choose this life. God Bless." — C. M., Southaven, MS
"Everything was a wonderful experience. So peaceful. I can feel God here." — A. R., Conroe, TX
"Everyone was so kind and patient, a true reflection of Christ’s love. It was very organized, great prices for merchandise. I was very impressed. It was well worth the drive." — L. H., Fort Worth, TX
"I am blessed each time we come to Homestead Heritage. This is our first time to attend the fair. . . really enjoyed it all. The "mission" of Heritage ministries speaks to my heart and life. Thank you for all the living examples of God’s love." — D. M., Blanket, TX
"Everything was wonderful. A real blessing. Thanks for the inspiration. God bless you." — G. P., Bryson, TX
"One of the things I noticed about you folks is you took care of me from when I came through the gate to my campsite and met all my needs. I work for NASA and we’ve spent millions trying to get this kind of organization and still haven’t got it." — K. J.
"It was all special. The singing was very uplifting. The entire fair was very well organized. We enjoyed all of it. Thank you and God bless you." — J. L., Wichita Falls, TX
"Beautiful place and community. Thank you for sharing with us." — A. M., Houston, TX
"You’re doing a great job . . . . Everyone was so very warm and welcoming to our family." — V. R., Austin, TX
"I thoroughly enjoyed my two days at the fair. The organization of everything from the crafts to the good food, and the gospel concerts of such wonderful, inspired singers and instrument playing." — R. A., Lafayette, LA
"The whole area is so clean and neat. Everyone was so friendly and polite. It was such an enjoyable day that I want to come again when it’s not as crowded. I was very impressed with the children. Keep up the good work." —  W., Ernie, TX
"This was our second year at the fair. We hope to make it a family tradition from now on to attend every year with our family. You all are so graciously hospitable and we enjoy everything, especially the music and children’s things." — J. & R. B., Lafayette, LA
"We liked best the atmosphere of wholesome friendliness. We’ll do this every year. . . ." — S. C., Austin, TX
"This is great . . . your values, your lifestyle, belief in Christ." — R. M., Jonestown, TX
"We have been made so welcome by so many. We really enjoyed our pottery and metalwork classes. And we would like to thank everyone so much for spending time with us when you are all so busy with the fair − THANK YOU." — E. C., Northampton, England
"This is my 2nd time visiting the fair and again it’s been a wonderful experience. The love of Christ is so evident everywhere!" — P. H., Culpepper, VA
"What a great reminder to us all of God’s abundant talents that we have stifled in some cases but refused to exercise in most." — J. M., Arnaudville, CA
"This is our 2nd year here at the fair and we are looking forward to next year. The genuine Christian fellowship is a wonder and a blessing to us. Thank you." — K. & N. J., Phoenix, AZ
"There was such a great variety of things to see and do. The grandchildren loved it." — B., Boulder, CO
"I can honestly say there wasn’t one thing I didn’t like, the food, the music, crafts and most of all the people. The atmosphere was wonderful. I have met so many nice people." — B. T., Wall, NJ

"Great fun and education for entire family. Something for every one." — A. F., Bay Minette, AL

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"This is an amazing place to bring your kids! Thank you so much for your hospitality." — M. C., Mathis, TX
"Lovely first class environment. Everyone should know about your events." — D. & M. S., Belton, TX
"This gets better each year. A very positive influence for our society and town. Thanks." — A. R., Waco, TX
"Great witness to lost and dying humanity. Family, homeschooling, all great. God bless you all." — C. P., Winnsboro, TX
"Your community is truly an inspiration!" — T. S., University City, TX
"I love coming here. I feel like I am with likeminded believers." — M. R., Big Horn, WY
"We were able to visit your community and ministry in October when we attended the 3−day Homesteading Course. What a wonderful ministry you have! It was refreshing to see Christians living out their faith in a visible way on a daily basis. We saw that people from various walks of life come to your community for a tour or for instruction on various skills, but leave with so much more. They leave having been touched by your way of life, desiring to have some of the peace that you enjoy. Some may believe that your peace comes from the land, but doubtless there are those who recognize that your peace comes from your relationship with Jesus Christ." — D. & G. U., Goodyear, AZ
"Sur excelente inspiracion." — T. G., Guatemala City, Guatemala
"What a wonderful fair, but more than that, what a Christ−centered example of living. I look forward to learning more about Heritage Ministries. Thank you." — W. K., Duncanville, TX
"We enjoyed everything! The choirs and orchestra were good. Enjoyed seeing the children so involved." — G. M., River Ridge, LA
"We spent a full afternoon enjoying the sights, sounds, fragrances, & tastes! All wonderfully delicious in their own way!" — C. A., Saginaw, TX
"The whole fair was fantastic and inspirational! Thanks and God bless!" — A. V., Keithville, LA
"We will come back! My two year old grandson really had a great time." — B. H., Little Rock, AR
"Very nice!" — T. B., Marietta, OK
"I liked it all. Very interesting and educational." — S. S., Winfield, MO
"Great exhibit of community. The rest of America could learn from you." — J. N., Waco, TX
"All of it has been a blessing. We have been here about 4 times and there have been efficiency improvements each time. Keep seeking the Lord! Bless You!!!" — H., Anton, TX
"Kind, friendly people. It’s so peaceful here." — R. & J. P., Clifton, TX
"I would have loved to have been able to raise my children in such a wonderful place. God Bless!!" — J. & J. K., Granbury, TX
"We can all learn lessons from this. How we are intended to care for our needs instead of the store. Loved it. God Bless." — M. J., Bynum, TX
"It’s neat to see this way of life. I never knew it could be like this. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to come back next year." — J. M., Arlington, TX
"This truly makes you want to be a better person and live more simply. Thank you." — S. A., Waco, TX
"This is a very great experience for me to be able to share with my children. Thank you very much. God Bless." — S. C., Seagoville, TX
"First time for the fair. What y’all are doing − family values, teaching and more is what we were created for." — K. & S. S., Fairfield, TX
"We appreciate what you do and that you share it with the community." — S. & T. S., Bryan, TX
"Very friendly atmosphere, relaxing, good smells, good food, good message and display of Christ’s teachings and God’s standards and love." — C. W., Itasca, TX
"(What did you like best?) Everything− Especially how respectful all the children are. Praise God you all are doing a wonderful job." — M. G., Coolidge, TX
"I enjoy each Thanksgiving just to walk and share experiences with others and to watch all the Homestead Heritage children. What a breath of fresh air to watch all of you." — K. M., Mart, TX
"The children’s activities were great. The music was very well done." — C. S., Richland, MO

"Loved it! Thank you!" — D.P., Atlanta, GA


The path of the rightous is as the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. Prov. 4:18 NIV

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